Cybercrime in CanadaMarch 26, 2015

Learn why drones are now more than ever, a concern to Privacy, IT Security, and Physical Security practitioners.For less than $1,000 hobbyists can deliver a one kilogram payload nearly a kilometer with an accuracy of less than one meter and click a button to:

  • aim and take a video or pictures from a gyro-stabilized PTZ camera;
  • deliver or pick up an item;
  • become a sniffer and/or a WiFi Access Point
  • and, unfortunately, aim a gun and pull a trigger; or explode a bomb.
    • Break Hugh's drone! Learn about the state-of-the-art in enabling technologies for advanced remote control toys and spin-off uses.
    • See what fun can be had with $35 and five minutes.
    • Hear Hugh drone on about UAV legislation and regulations in Canada.
    • Share anecdotes that will frighten the children and your boss.

    Live drones, radios, and servos will be brought to the presentation.

    Inform yourself, or start a new hobby!

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About the Chapter

What are the benefits of joining the Chapter?
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Established in 1991, the mission of the Ottawa Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is to provide a friendly, interactive environment for those with an interest in information security. Through meetings, guest speakers, discussion forums, this website and the concerted efforts of our members, we strive to accomplish this goal. These local Chapter level benefits are augmented by the advantages of membership in ISSA International which provides an e-newsletter, educational online webinars, and partnerships with other IT security organizations many of whom offer discounts to ISSA members.

All of this is aimed towards helping members be more effective in their work both technically and personally, and towards providing professional development opportunities.

Event Location and Time

The timetable is:

  • 5:00 doors open
  • 5:45 seating
  • 7:45 event ends

Times and Location: This event is held at the Novotel, 33 Nicholas Street, Ottawa in downtown Ottawa.

See the map for the location.

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